Ebb Software was founded in 2013 by a group of highly motivated individuals with the sole purpose of creating a different breed of video games. Soon after the small team started developing the company’s current flagship project “Scorn” – an atmospheric first-person horror adventure game.

At the time, it was challenging to secure funding or media attention, but the team never gave up and focused on their work. Staying true to their original idea, Ebb Software always maintained the creative control of their work.

Thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign in 2017, Ebb Software and “Scorn” emerged from anonymity and secured the deals enabling them to bring the game to a worldwide audience. The team slowly grew, as like-minded people joined the company.

Years later, and with “Scorn” still in development, Ebb Software has fifty full-time team members as well as a number of freelance artists it cooperates with. However, Ebb Software finally has the support, knowledge, resources, and manpower to accomplish its mission – creating a different breed of video games.